Dr. Mercola Says Americans Are Rising Up To Big Tech After Censorship Bans

(PatriotWise.com)- Last week the Washington Post reported that YouTube took down several video channels belonging to “high-profile anti-vaccine activists” including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and alternative medicine entrepreneur.

Citing “experts,” the Post claims that these “anti-vaccine activists” are “partially responsible for helping seed the skepticism” that has caused vaccination rates to decline. Perhaps these “experts” should look over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Because nobody has done more to “seed” skepticism about the COVID vaccines than the Biden administration.

But members of Congress and the White House have been demanding social media companies do more to crack down on “disinformation,” and, like dutifully agents of the State, Google’s YouTube is doing as commanded.

YouTube has enacted a new set of policies targeting “anti-vaccine content” – not just related to the COVID vaccines, but any vaccines. It will ban any videos that advance claims that any commonly-used vaccines are “ineffective or dangerous.”

The Post acknowledges that both Mercola and RFK Jr. have said in the past that they don’t oppose in general. Instead, they believe information about the risks of vaccines is being suppressed.

Can’t exactly argue with them there since YouTube just banned them.

In response to his YouTube ban, Mercola issued a statement accusing YouTube of defamation. He said that “the world” is becoming aware of the media’s “rampant corruption” and are “rising up” against “tyrannical governments” whom he says coordinate with the pharmaceutical industry to assault freedom and civil rights. He accused social media of censoring anyone who “questions or challenges the hard sell.”

Mercola blasted state governments who are threatening to fire employees, healthcare workers “and emergency responders” who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19. He also cites the revelations reported in The Intercept that showed that the Federal government was funding gain-of-function research, and accused the media of engaging in a cover-up to hide the evidence of a lab-leak.

Mercola praised “independent media platforms” that are defending free speech and the rights of Americans “to speak out against global tyranny,” saying that they will “defeat the censorship extremists.”