Election Ballot Violations Found By Researchers

(PatriotWise.com)- An impending court filing will ask for an injunction against the Lehigh County Board of Elections “from collecting and counting fraudulent and void ballots.” The Board intended to begin taking such ballots on Monday, May 2, ahead of a closely contested May 17 primary that might cost Democrats control of the US House of Representatives.

Jack Posobiec broke the story on Human Events Daily. The Pennsylvania election code requires that sent and absentee ballots be returned either by mail or in person by the voter. This injunction prevents the Board from counting ballots brought to drop boxes by non-voters.

According to the proposal, “Except for disabled or foreign absentee voters, all ballots must be handed to the County Board of Elections in person or via USPS. The County Board of Elections will not accept absentee/mail-in ballots for non-disabled voters. Absentee ballots for non-disabled voters with the voter’s written consent. An offshore delivery provider may deliver absentee ballots to abroad absentee voters on Election Day.”

A similar motion was denied in March, but an inquiry by the District Attorney’s office revealed irregularities. Affected voting patterns in Lehigh County and the Board of Elections’ capacity to administer free, fair, and secure elections.

District Attorney James B. Martin initiated an inquiry into absentee and mail-in voting irregularities in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Martin’s staff determined that it is also crystal evident that many voters are violating those elements of the law.

In January 2022, Martin received a letter from Lehigh County Republican National Committee Chair Joe Vichot informing him that many individuals had delivered multiple ballots to drop boxes during the 2021 election.

The law requires voters to deliver their absentee ballots personally, either in person or via USPS. The drop boxes and, of course, the USPS services were available well before the election.
The RNC supplied video evidence that several people dropped off multiple absentee ballots at one of five drop boxes around the county. There are major violations of submitting duplicate ballots with at least one individual placing five or more into the drop box, Vichot informed the DA. The District Attorney’s office concurred with those findings.

An April 4 memo from Martin’s office says so. The DA is concerned about persons voting several times and a disparity between the number of people voting and ballots received. Martin stated that there was no smoking gun and no way to account for potential discrepancies with mail-in ballots because there was no surveillance video of every mailbox in the county.

So even Governor Tom Wolf said he didn’t deliver his personal ballot to a dropbox, but his wife did. Third-party delivery of mailed ballots to drop boxes was demanded by the Lehigh County Republican Committee but was declined by the Lehigh Board of Elections. Unless this injunction is lifted, vote drop boxes will be available on May 2.

An injunction is sought “to prevent the Lehigh County Board of Elections from receiving void and invalid third party ballots and mixing them with lawfully cast ballots.” An injunction is needed to protect the plaintiffs’ fundamental right to vote from invalid votes given by third parties. This includes placing drop boxes inside and only opening them during regular business hours when delivery can be verified.