Election Fraudsters Indicted

(PatriotWise.com)- Democrats still insist that the 2020 presidential election was the fairest and most transparent in history, but four men were just indicted by the New Jersey Attorney General…for mail-in ballot fraud.

President Donald Trump warned us about this.

The charges span back to the May 12th, 2020 special election in the city of Paterson. It was a trial run of the presidential election in that it was performed entirely by mail-in ballots. As many Republicans predicted, it opened up the election to fraud in ways that the U.S. has never seen on this scale.

Councilman Michael Jackson and Councilman Alex Mendez were among those charged with fraud.

Local New Jersey outlets revealed how the two were charged in a criminal complaint in June 2020 after they allegedly collected ballots from voters and delivered them to county officials – a practice known as “ballot harvesting” which candidates are prohibited from taking part in.

Mendez and Jackson allegedly approached one or more Paterson, New Jersey voters in the districts in which they were running. They allegedly collected their mail-in ballots and delivered them to the Passaic County Board of Election. They are also alleged to have delivered the ballots without providing information that verified the identification of the voters, another violation of New Jersey election laws.

They are also alleged to have procured or had in their possession official mail-in ballots that were not their own, and for which they weren’t authorized bearers.

Mendez won the special election on May 12, but the 800 ballots cast in the election were thrown out by the Passaic County board of elections and a new election was called for November 2020.

Two other men involved with the incident were Abu Rayzen and Shelim Khalique. Their cases are still pending. Khalique is accused of approaching residents in the 2nd ward of Paterson to collect and deliver thie ballots without properly verifying the voters.

“In addition, Khalique and the bus company he owns, A-1 Elegant Tours, Inc., d/b/a Eastern Star Transportation, LLC, were charged today with contract fraud and other crimes in a separate investigation by OPIA, the New Jersey State Police, Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, and Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office,” a summary reads.

Local media reports also revealed how investigators discovered a USB drive that contains a video of Rayzen holding a stack of mail-in ballots and flipping through them.

But election fraud doesn’t happen, right?