Election Subpoenas Issued For 2020 Election Audit

(PatriotWise.com)- The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania state Senate has voted in favor of issuing a fresh round of subpoenas relating to the forensic investigation of the 2020 presidential election in the state. In a 7-4 vote, the state Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee decided that personal information of voters, including driver’s license information and the last four numbers of voters’ social security numbers, will be obtained as part of a forensic examination to ensure that the state was not affected by fraud.

Republican officials are also requesting to know how individuals voted – whether that was via mail, in-person, or as an absentee. Information regarding when ballots were cast, either in the primary elections in May or in the presidential election, will also be revealed – but it will be done so in a way that this personal information is not publicly made available and no information that is sensitive will be published.

State Senator Cris Dush, the chair of the committee, revealed that the investigation is necessary as he has received sworn affidavits of people who visited addresses that were listed for one voter, only to find that the buildings were actually condemned. He explained that there are too many questions about the validity of votes that were cast and whether the voters who cast those votes even exist in the first place.

Sworn affidavits are considered evidence in court, as the people who make those affidavits face hefty legal consequences if they lie.

Thousands of sworn affidavits were obtained nationally in the wake of the 2020 presidential election from people who said that they witnessed election fraud take place. However, these affidavits were routinely ignored by the Democrats and the media who continue to claim that the 2020 presidential election was not impacted by fraud and that saying otherwise is “baseless” – when it’s not.

Republicans in Pennsylvania are also requesting communication between Governor Tom Wolf’s administration and certain counties in the state.

There’s no telling how long this will take, but without this kind of forensic auditing taking place, we may never truly know who won the 2020 presidential election.