Election Subpoenas Issued Over Ballot Issues

(PatriotWise.com)- Georgia election inspectors have filed four subpoenas requesting the name of a whistleblower and other information related to an alleged ballot trafficking scheme in the 2020 election.

According to documents obtained by a state open records request, the subpoenas were delivered late last week to election integrity watchdog True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and its researchers. The inspectors seek evidence to back up the group’s complaint, alleging that as many as 242 people illegally gathered third-party ballots during the state’s November 2020 election and subsequent U.S. Senate races.

The names, IDs, and phone numbers of those True the Vote alleges were involved in ballot trafficking are among the evidence requested by the State Elections Board and the Secretary of State’s office. They also seek to discover the name of a man who admitted to taking part in the ballot trafficking plan for which he was paid $10 for each ballot he collected and placed into ballot drop boxes.

The board also asks for recordings, transcripts, summaries, testimony, statements, witness interviews, notes, and other documents describing individuals and organizations involved in ballot trafficking, according to the subpoenas.
Further, the subpoenas seek a whistleblower’s name and any remarks the whistleblower made regarding his alleged participation in ballot harvesting in Georgia. The subpoenas also demanded the whistleblower’s mother’s contact information and any evidence that True the Vote had paid his medical bills.

A subpoena, signed by interim State Elections Board chairman Matt Mashburn, appears to be aimed at any information the organization and its researchers may have concerning the financing sources for the alleged ballot harvesting scam. It’s looking for the names of organizations that participated in the operation and any information regarding the 10 “hubs” involved in the plan.
Ballot harvesting is the act of individuals or organizations collecting and turning in voters’ completed election ballots. It is prohibited in Georgia and many other states.
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is now pushing for a nationwide ban on ballot harvesting.