Elizabeth Warren Lashes Out On Camera: “Bite Your Tongue!”

(PatriotWise.com)- Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren was visibly upset and angry last week when she appeared on a CBS panel and was shown data showing how her party is dramatically losing support over the serial failures of the first year of the Biden-Harris administration.

When a panelist asked Warren if President Joe Biden is up for the job in 2024, the failed presidential candidate said that Biden is “running for re-election” and that she expects to support him.

That’s when she started making excuses for the Biden administration, arguing that only one quarter of his first term has passed and that there is a “lot more ahead of us.”

If there is more of this ahead of us, then the people of America have a lot to be worried about.

Then, a panelist told Warren that there is less than a year before the Democrats probably lose the Senate and the House, prompting Warren to exclaim:

“Ah, bite your tongue! Bite your tongue!” she said.


It’s more bizarre than anything, but it clearly represents the frustration within her party. They know that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are among the worst of any modern president, and the economy is in the tank. And have you seen your grocery store shelves lately?

Warren was then presented with data showing how Biden has a detrimental effect on the chances of her party maintaining control of Congress this year, which just made things even more uncomfortable.

If Warren gets uneasy looking at these numbers, then why does she “expect” to support Biden in 2024? Why wouldn’t she support somebody else?