Elizabeth Warren Slows Biden Nominee To Push Her Own Agenda Instead

(PatriotWise.com)- Far-left failed presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren is reportedly slowing down the confirmation of an Obama admin-era official to the position of undersecretary of education. Warren is understood to be using the confirmation hearings of James Kvaal, who was appointed by President Joe Biden to take on the role, as an opportunity to pressure the president into offering student loan relief and other reforms to student loans.

Speaking to the Boston Globe, the ultra-left-wing senator said that millions of people across the country want to see student loan debt canceled and raise their voices every day in the hope that the White House may hear them. She said on Wednesday that this is a matter of “truly persuading one man” that it’s time to take action and do it.

The idea of cancelling student loans is a controversial one among Republicans. For some, it is a way of forcing the universities to stop teaching far-left “Gender Studies” courses, among others, and reduce their funding so it’s harder for them to indoctrinate students. But for other conservatives, the idea of cancelling loans taken out by adults doesn’t sit right with them.

A spokeswoman for Senator Warren said that her office has had “constructive conversations” with the department of education about necessary reforms.

Standing in the way of the confirmation of a Biden-appointed official is going to ruffle some feathers in the Democratic Party, and could be an indication that Warren is planning to run for president again in the future.

She’s probably counting on the likelihood that Joe Biden won’t be mentally fit enough to run again in 2024, and that Kamala Harris will be so deeply unlikeable that she can’t possibly become the Democratic Party nominee…