Elon Musk Issued An Emergency Order To Twitter Staff

(PatriotWise.com) — Twitter boss Elon Musk recently brought his staff’s attention to an urgent matter – that his tweet about the Super Bowl had received less attention than President Biden’s. According to the tech site Platformer, Biden’s tweet in support of the Philadelphia Eagles received almost 29 million impressions, while Musk’s encouragement of the Eagles only got 9 million. He then deleted his post and asked his staff to rejig the site’s algorithms to ensure more visibility for his tweets.

Musk attended the Super Bowl in Arizona on February 12th and afterward noticed the number of impressions on his tweet. He reportedly went straight to Twitter headquarters in San Francisco and demanded that the situation be corrected. An “urgent” meeting was convened, and the site has now been altered so that engagement with Musk’s posts is artificially boosted.

The billionaire has reportedly become preoccupied with the level of engagement with his tweets. On February 9th, Platformer published an article stating that Musk had fired an employee for suggesting that interest in him has simply declined. On this occasion, he also gathered staff together to find out why his tweets were attracting so little attention. When one employee said public interest in his boss is reducing, he was fired.

Musk took over the social media giant in April 2022 at a cost of $44 billion. He is the co-founder of electric car manufacturer Tesla and one of the world’s richest men. He has described those who purchase gasoline-fuelled cars as “foolish” and sees a future for electric cars only. His company produces vehicles with “autopilot” or self-driving capabilities.

At the Super Bowl in February, Musk was forced to watch an advert condemning Tesla cars as unsafe. The ad, funded by the Dawn Project, claimed that Tesla self-driving vehicles promote dangerous activities on the road. It called for “autopilot” cars to be banned.

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