Eric Adams Compares Himself to Jesus at Town Hall Event

( — In a recent town hall in Brooklyn, New York City Mayor Eric Adams accused his critics of only attacking his administration because it is made up largely of minorities and likened his work as mayor to that of Jesus cleansing the temple of moneylenders and merchants, the New York Post reported.

In a video of the town hall obtained by Fox News, Adams also compared himself to former New York Mayor David Dinkins, whom he claimed was also attacked by critics for being black.

Adams boasted that his administration was “moving the needle forward” and said while there was “more to do,” his diverse team was committed to “getting it done.”

The mayor called on his five deputy mayors, all of whom are minorities, to stand up so the crowd could see them and asked the crowd if they had “ever seen this much chocolate lead” in New York City.

Pointing to his “chocolate” deputy mayors, Adams said they were “representative of the city” and the reason his critics were attacking him. He also noted that he appointed the first “Spanish-speaking” woman of color to be police commissioner.

Describing what his administration has done in his first two years in office, Adams referred to it as a “Matthew 21 and 12 moment.”

Matthew 21:12 is the verse describing how Jesus flipped over the tables belonging to merchants and moneylenders and drove them out of the temple.

Adams declared that he “went to city hall to turn the table over.”

The mayor also compared his administration to that of New York’s first black mayor, David Dinkins. He said Dinkins’ critics had worn him down to the point that blacks didn’t turn out to vote for his reelection, leaving the city in the hands of Rudy Giuliani, whom Adams described as “a set-up for a setback.”

Adams credited Dinkins with the legislation that provided the resources the city needed to keep the streets safe from crime and claimed that Giuliani was the one who benefited from the legislation.

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