Eric Bolling Says Fox News Left Conservatives Behind

( On his Newsmax show Monday, host Eric Bolling went after his former employer, Fox News.

Bolling’s attack on the right-leaning news network was prompted by Fox host Chris Wallace saying last Friday that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is “one of the best press secretaries ever.”

Calling Wallace Fox News’ “leftist excuse for bipartisanship,” Bolling said that now we “know for sure where his heart lies.”

“The best?” Bolling asked. (Actually, Wallace said “one of the best,” but let’s not quibble.)

Bolling marveled that Wallace, who has been working in the news business since the seventies, would think Jen Psaki is the best. (Actually, Wallace said “one of the best,” but Bolling was mad, so you can cut him some slack.) He went on to wonder what Wallace has been paying attention to all these years that he would think Psaki was one of the best press secretaries ever.

Then Bolling turned his attention to Fox’s vaccine policy, pointing out that Fox News’ hosts “rage against vaccine mandates” and yet the network they work for “demands their employees get vaccinated or get tested.”

In fairness to Fox, their hosts “rage” against vaccine mandates that leave employees no other option but to get the shot or be fired. The Fox Corp. policy allows for employees to opt-out of vaccines so long as they are routinely tested for COVID. There is a bit of a difference.

Bolling then complained that the primetime hosts are anti-mandate while the daytime hosts are not. He also slammed Neil Cavuto for urging people to get vaccinated. Last week, Cavuto, who is immunocompromised, tested positive for COVID. During an appearance on MediaBuzz over the weekend, he encouraged viewers to get the vaccine.

Bolling said that what he thought Fox is doing is “brilliant.” He accused them of revealing their actual beliefs during the day when everyone is at work and therefore not watching. Then at night, when people are home and watching, the hosts say the opposite of what is said during the day.

Watch the segment HERE.