Eric Swalwell Issues Profanity Laced Angry Statement

( — Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell erupted in a profanity-laced rant just before the vote to remove fellow Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Omar lost the vote soon after and was removed from the committee for having made several anti-Semitic comments. Swalwell however told Republicans to look in their own “damn mirror” if they are seeking out antisemitism.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been mired in controversy since she was elected to Congress. She is a refugee from Somalia, who came to the United States in 1995. She was forced to apologize after she drew criticism from fellow Democrats, including then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for comparing the United States to the Taliban and Hamas. She said she did not intend to equate a democratic country with terrorist groups. She also claimed ignorance when she suggested that Members of Congress who are pro-Israel only defend the Jewish state for money. Omar said she had no idea that Jews are often smeared with tropes surrounding cash over principle.

Eric Swalwell is a Rep. from California and he has also been barred from a committee this year at Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s request. Swalwell had served on the House Intelligence Committee but was removed by McCarthy as a national security risk. He said this was done out of spite on McCarthy’s behalf. However, his previous connections to an alleged Chinese spy were the cited cause of the House Speaker’s concern.

In 2020, the FBI briefed both McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi that a suspected Chinese spy named Christine Fang had attached herself to several up-and-coming political figures in California. Swalwell was one such figure. He denied any intimate relationship with Fang and denied he had shared any sensitive information with her. The alleged spy had been involved in fundraising and campaigning for Swalwell’s 2014 election campaign. The California Representative said he had been shocked to learn of her identity and had cooperated with the FBI in all further investigations regarding the matter.

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