Europe Is Sending More Weapons To Ukraine

Europe Is Sending More Weapons To Ukraine

( – The 19FortyFive website reports that on Wednesday, the European Union and the United Kingdom unveiled their most recent assistance initiatives for Ukraine, which include new shipments of air defense systems and a “stable” financial package to see the nation through the coming year.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace pledged that his country would do more to assist Ukrainian forces as they prepare for a challenging winter of fighting. An additional 12,000 cold-weather sleeping sets will be sent to Ukraine as part of Britain’s next humanitarian effort.

Wallace made his remarks after visiting Ukrainian soldiers taught to operate military hardware in line with NATO standards at a site in Lydd, England. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joined the representative of the British government to watch the training.

Wallace also applauded British military efforts to continue preparing Ukrainian forces for warfare in the winter, acknowledging that recently drafted Russian soldiers are not receiving the same caliber of training.

The British Defense Minister stated that the impending winter presents a significant challenge for both sides and that his country is “committed to providing Ukrainian soldiers with the greatest fundamental skills because we already know that the Russian military isn’t doing that.”

To aid Ukraine in fending off Russian drone and missile attacks, the UK will shortly finish delivering an additional 1,000 surface-to-air missiles.

The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, announced plans for a support package of up to €18 billion to aid the Ukrainian government through 2023 in a press statement issued on Wednesday.

According to the news release, the European Commission presented a “unique” package that includes “very concessional loans, disbursed in regular installments as of 2023” during a meeting of the European Council in October.

The European Union has agreed to provide Ukraine an average of €1.5 billion per month in short-term financial assistance until 2023. The EU’s aid would have to be matched by other sizable contributors to meet Ukraine’s assistance needs.

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