Even Bill Gates Thinks Leftists Are Going Too Far

In a recent interview, billionaire Bill Gates expressed concern that attempts by far-left climate radicals to force people to change their behaviors aren’t realistic.

During an August interview on Bloomberg’s “Zero” podcast, host Akshat Rathi asked Gates if addressing so-called climate change required a “revolution.”

Gates told Rathi he didn’t think it was realistic to think people will change their entire lifestyle over concerns about the climate and suggested that “collective action” would only work by creating a “North Korean-type” centralized authority to force people into obedience.

Gates said anyone who thinks simply telling people things like “stop eating meat” will be enough to change “human desires” isn’t being realistic.

Gates said just getting a few wealthy countries or wealthy companies or individuals “buy their way out so they can say they’re not part of the problem” will do nothing to solve the problem.

He explained that curbing the excesses of rich countries, even if they are curbed completely, won’t solve the problem of climate change.

Gates also said that to combat climate change, people can’t use the issue like a “moral crusade.”

He said the crusaders don’t realize “how many things are competing for the modest amount of increased resources” societies have or how few people are prepared to let themselves become worse off just to meet the so-called “climate requirements.”

Oh, they know. They just don’t care.

The problem Bill Gates has is that he is a Climate Change True Believer.

His criticism against the Climate Cult doesn’t go far enough because he too is a card-carrying cultist.

The Cultists don’t care if they have to establish a North Korea-like centralized state that imposes restrictions on the population.

Obedience is the point.

Their goals are unrealistic because their views of climate change are unrealistic.

But to admit this, Gates would have to accept that he is just as unrealistic as they are.