Ex-Democratic Spokesman Switches to GOP Over Immigration—’Through the Roof’

(PatriotWise.com)- A former spokesperson for the mayor of Washington, D.C., has decided to change parties.

Victor Jimenez, who served as a spokesperson for Muriel Bowser in D.C., has decided to leave the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party. His reasoning is that there are too high levels of immigration, and that he’s seeing people “struggling to make ends meet.”

Jimenez was once the lead public information officer for Bowser’s Office of Community Affairs. He spoke this week to Tucker Carlson of Fox News about his decision.

In that interview, Jimenez said he backed Republican Glenn Youngkin in the gubernatorial election in Virginia, in which the Republican upset Democrat Terry McAuliffe. The latter once served as governor of the state and had the backing of some very prominent Democrats.

In the intro to Jimenez’s appearance with Carlson, the host played a clip of him speaking in Spanish to TV channel Telemundo, in which he said:

“I believe that [President Joe] Biden turned me into a Republican.”

Carlson commented that switching parties was “not a small decision,” to which Jimenez said:

“It’s not a small decision.”

Jimenez said he was a public information officer in Bowser’s Office on Latino Affairs before serving in the Office of Community Affairs. But, he said:

“I had to leave. The reason I switched parties is because of everything that’s going on in the country right now. We see, you know, immigration through the roof right now, and that’s affecting a lot of Hispanic families in my home state of Virginia and those people who are already struggling with making ends meet.

“If you look at the southern border, we have people who — thousands of people who are just waiting there. And I’m not saying we don’t have good people try to come into the country with good intentions, but we also have bad people coming into the country with bad intentions. People with illegal guns, with illegal drugs and people who are running from their law enforcement in their own country. So, we don’t know exactly what they’re doing here.”

This viewpoint that Jimenez shared with Carlson is one that has constantly dumbfounded Democrats. They have always wondered why a Latino would support the Republican Party or people like former President Donald Trump, but they do.

And the reason is quite simple — illegal immigration doesn’t work for any American, and they believe that the border needs to be secure, and immigration brought under control. It’s hurting jobs here in the country for all people, as Jimenez said.

He laid this out quite plainly when he said:

“Me, for example, being Hispanic and also Black, I should be Democrat by default. But, I’m going against their narrative, and I feel like right now everything is crumbling for the Democrats.”

He also added that:

“Biden is completely destroying the economy right now, and people can feel it in their pockets and in their communities.”

He cited the Hispanic community, which is particularly struggling under the Biden administration.