Ex Obama Official Says Joe Biden Isn’t Fit To Lead Nation

(PatriotWise.com)- Former President Barack Obama was famously quiet about endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 race until the very last minute – and ever since he’s entered the White House, we haven’t seen them together.

Joe didn’t even get an invite to Obama’s luxurious Martha’s Vineyard birthday party.

But Ryan Crocker, who served as the United States Ambassador to Afghanistan during the Obama administration, has plenty to say about the job the former vice president is doing…and no, it’s not good.

Speaking to The Spokesman-Review, Crocker said that the Biden administration didn’t anticipate the very quick takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, and didn’t adequately prepare for the withdrawal.

Crocker said that the direction was “predictable” but that the trajectory wasn’t.

To be clear, Crocker was not supportive of former President Donald Trump’s plans, either. He said that Trump’s decision to negotiate with the Taliban and withdraw from Afghanistan was the wrong decision and that the Biden administration should have prepared to give air support to Afghan forces in the country holding back the Taliban.

Which isn’t a bad idea – and is effectively what former President Trump promised when he said that the withdrawal was not absolute and that it will be based on the conditions on the ground.

The former president said, “if bad things happen we’ll go back.”

But Biden has watched terrible things happen and hasn’t done anything about it. He left millions of dollars of equipment in Afghanistan that have now been taken by the Taliban, and he allowed thousands of Americans to get stranded behind Taliban checkpoints.

What kind of leader does that to his own citizens?

Crocker said that he has serious doubts about Biden’s ability to lead the country as commander-in-chief. He said that to get something like this so wrong is concerning, and that perhaps even worse, Biden may have understood what was going to happen and simply didn’t care.