Facebook And Twitter Donated Almost Exclusively To Democrats

(PatriotWise.com)- A new report from the Internet Accountability Project just revealed how 93% of all donations made by Twitter and Facebook employees went to Democrats.

Well, there’s a surprise.

The Internet Accountability Project (IAP) is a conservative organization that aims to push “federal and state governments to rein in Big Tech before it’s too late.” The latest report used data from OpenSecrets.org and found that Democrats received over 12 times more money than Republicans from employees of the two Big Tech companies.

The total donations in the 2020 presidential election came to $5.5 million for the Democrats, with only $435,000 to Republican candidates – and according to the IAP, that’s precisely Democrat-led committees in the House of Representatives are now investigating Parler, the alternative social media giant taking on Facebook and Twitter.

They can’t possibly let the Republicans have their own platform…

Congressional Democrats argue that Parler was, in part, responsible for the violence that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6, even though the FBI has already confirmed that far-left and far-right activists plotted protests on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

In a press release, the IAP said that Parler’s rise in popularity made it a viable threat to the dominance of Twitter and Facebook on social media, prompting Democrats to collude with Amazon to destroy Parler.

“So together, they colluded with Amazon to destroy Parler and used the horrific attacks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 as a shameful exercise,” the release said. “Why are Congressional Democrats on the House Oversight Committee investigating Parler? Just follow the money.”

The press release referred to the decision by Amazon to withdraw access to the Amazon Web Services servers to Parler, which took down the entire Parler website after its app was removed from the Google and Apple app stores.

One of the most incredible insights offered by the IAP was how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most radically left-wing socialists in Congress, received some $36,346 from employees of the Big Tech companies.

A socialist taking money from capitalists? Surely not.

Congress is investigating Parler not just over its alleged role in the January 6 riots, but also for allegedly offering former President Donald Trump a 40% stake in the app…which isn’t a crime.