Facebook Blocks Police From Praising Officer Of The Year For “Sensitive Social Issues”

(PatriotWise.com)- Facebook is more empowered than ever to censor normal Americans now that President Joe Biden is in the White House, and perhaps the most shocking recent example of this comes in the form of the platform’s refusal to work with the Illinois Association of Chiefs.

The police organization had requested that the social media platform promote a post for its Officer of the Year announcement, in which East Peoria Police Officer Jeffrey Bieber was recognized for his work after he was stabbed several times in the neck and head in a domestic incident. The officer fatally shot the suspect. Officer Bieber’s injuries were so bad, after the attacker struck both nerves and a major artery.

The officer attempted to use a taser against the attacker – 19-year-old Joshua Crites – but failed. Crites launched himself on top of the officer prompting him to fatally shoot him to prevent himself being killed.

A post was made by the Illinois police organization recognizing his bravery and work as an “outstanding officer” protecting the citizens of East Peoria. Facebook, however, said that they did not want to promote the post, which recognizes the incredible work done by the nation’s police officers, claiming that it was too sensitive of an issue.

Facebook issued a statement over their disgraceful refusal to promote the post, saying that the ad was “correctly disapproved” after it violated Facebook’s Advertising Policies and Guidelines. Under the policy, an ad may be rejected if it mentions “sensitive social issues” or politicians, or if it may influence public opinion or influence how a person votes.

What kind of excuse is that?

The only thing that will stop this madness now that the Democrats are running the country is President Donald Trump’s class action lawsuit.