Facebook Employees ADMIT To Censorship In Undercover Video

(FreedomJournal.org)- It probably won’t come as a surprise, but new video footage captured by undercover reporters for Project Veritas proves that Facebook employees regularly engage in politically biased activities at work. The employees, in the footage, admit to censoring Trump supporters and conservatives, and even discriminating against white, male, and conservative employees – which is illegal.

Facebook insider also came forward to talk about the bias, telling Project Veritas about his treatment in the company and how he was discriminated against.

The footage shows several Facebook employees admitting to being biased against conservative users, and even saying that they “Rig the game so it can work on the left side.” That was a quote from a content moderator at Facebook, who is given a huge amount of power in deciding whether a post should be removed or allowed to stay.

Another example comes from Steve Grimmett, a team leader in the content review department at Facebook. In the footage, Grimmett can be heard admitting that he considers the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement the same as pro-Nazi and Hitler groups. He can be heard saying to the undercover reporter that he keeps actively monitors what he calls “hate organizations,” including “Hitler, Nazis, MAGA, you know, proud boys, all that stuff all day long.”

It shows the Facebook isn’t just willing to be biased against conservatives, but has employees who are specifically focused on monitoring people they don’t agree with and using their power to silence them.

The employee who claims they “rig the game so it can work on the left side” also said that Facebook “100%” sides with the political left.

In another part of the clip, a content moderator from Cognizant, a company that handles most of Facebook’s moderation, can be heard suggesting that an $81 million bounty had been placed on President Donald Trump’s head by the Iranian government.

They hate Trump and his supporters.

Watch it for yourself…it’s not surprising, but it’s still crazy!