Facebook Tests Feature Calling For People To Report “Extremist” Behavior

(PatriotWise.com)- Have you been warned by Facebook that extremists are trying to manipulate you on the platform by exploiting fears? Have your friends been accused of sharing extremist content?

If you have, it means you’ve been targeted by Facebook’s new notification system. The social media giant is testing out new ways to warn people about violent extremism, which the federal government is attempting to paint as a problem caused by “far-right extremists.”

You know, those evil Republicans who hate democracy, despite campaigning for voter integrity laws…?

Reuters reports that Facebook launched a “small test” that is currently being performed in the United States. It was a pilot that is expected to be refined and rolled out on a global basis to help prevent “extremism” on the platform.

A spokesperson from the social media platform told Reuters that the test is part of their “larger work” to assess different ways of providing resources to support people who have either engaged with extremist content, or who believe that they know someone who is at risk.

Some users were presented with a notification asking if they are concerned that somebody they know is becoming an extremist, giving people a link to report them.

Does Facebook really want people to rat on their friends for engaging with Republican content, now?

The “get support” button sends users to a support page o the platform, that also gives people ideas on how to help their friends.

Other notifications warned Facebook users that they have engaged with extremist content on their platform, and says that “violent groups” attempt to manipulate people using “anger and disappointment.”

Facebook does not, however, explain who these “violent groups” are…but it seems like a pretty blatant attempt to paint Republicans concerned about voter integrity as violent insurrectionists.

It really does seem like Facebook is in the pockets of the Democrats, doesn’t it?

Facebook said that it would continue to work with various nonprofit groups and “academic experts” in its pilot test.

And you can probably guess the political leanings of those “academic experts.”