Fact-Checkers Catch Big Lie By Democrat Leaders

(PatriotWise.com) — During last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring FBI Director Christopher Wray, several Democrat committee members accused the FBI whistleblowers of taking money in exchange for their testimony, Just the News reported.

Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee alleged that the whistleblowers were given money by whistleblower Kyle Seraphin after they testified. She presented pictures of the checks made out to Garrett O’Boyle and Marcus Allen for $255,194 and claimed that they were paid to testify against the FBI.

After Jackson Lee finished, Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson interjected that neither O’Boyle nor Allen received the money.

As proof, Johnson read a tweet from Washington Free Beacon reporter Matthew Foldi who called out Democrat Jerry Nadler for also accusing Marcus Allen of taking $250,000 in exchange for testimony.

Foldi notes that the check to Allen that Seraphin posted online had not been received or cashed. According to Foldi, Allen was consulting with a lawyer on whether he can accept a donation while challenging the FBI’s retaliation over his protected whistleblower status.

In a tweet, attorney Jason Foster, who is representing Marcus Allen, said Nadler’s “bogus allegation” against his client was “reprehensible.” He noted that Allen has not profited from turning whistleblower. Instead, “he’s had to deplete his family’s retirement savings to survive.”

Erica Knight, a spokeswoman for Garrett O’Boyle’s attorney Jesse Binnall told Just the News that O’Boyle has not cashed a donation check from Seraphin “as of today.” Knight added that congressional Democrats were not concerned that former FBI agent Peter Strzok raised money for his legal defense when he was still a government employee.

Meanwhile, whistleblower Steve Friend was also accused of taking a $250,000 donation after coming forward.

Friend told Just the News last week that the accusation was false.

According to Friend, the only donation he and the other whistleblowers received was $5,000 each from Kash Patel’s foundation “when we were several months removed from a paycheck.”

He said the $250,000 amount is in an account that was established for whistleblowers and he was not one of the recipients. Friend said that money was “earmarked” for Marcus Allen and Garrett O’Boyle, but neither has taken the money.

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