False Flag Operation Reported In Brazil To Frame President’s Supporters

(PatriotWise.com) – Five buses and six cars were set ablaze on Monday night in Brazil, and Bolsonaro supporters were held responsible. Video has since surfaced showing suspected infiltrators among protesters. According to businessman Otávio Fakhoury, conservatives don’t set cars on fire.

Violence erupted in the Brazilian capital following the brutal arrest of indigenous leader José Acácio Serere Xavante by Federal Police on Monday in front of his wife and children for the offense of protesting, with Bolsonaro supporters allegedly trying to storm police headquarters and release Xavante.

Chief Serere Xavante’s son claimed that the Federal Police pointed a gun at him while arresting his father. The boy claimed that while the family was driving their pickup truck, the Federales suddenly and violently detained them. The officers pointed guns at his head when the boy attempted to assist his father.

Suely Xavante, the boy’s mother, claimed she requested to see the arrest warrant but was turned down. The arrest, carried out on the orders of corrupt pro-Lula Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes, is all the more outrageous and arbitrary because indigenous people in Brazil are protected by the law and have access to their justice system.

Supporters of Bolsonaro claimed on social media that “infiltrators” in the protests were responsible for the vandalism in Brasilia.

“Bolsonaro out!” “Son of a bitch!” and “Fascist!” were allegedly shouted by agents provocateurs as they set a bus on fire in Brazil.

Pictures showed a young man, allegedly named Celso Sodré de Souza Cardoso, first appearing in Indian garb, then donning a gas mask even before the police used tear gas, and finally inciting a riot.

In a video, he can be seen riding the bus with native people from Rondônia while dressed as an Indio. According to reports, Souza Cardoso is a Mato Grosso do Sul dentist.

In a different video, he can be seen with other people on the Esplanade of Ministries in Brazil as he confirms his name on what appears to be a roll call on a smartphone.

In a third video, he can be seen helping to incite the riot and erect roadblocks.

Amid the riot, a man in black wearing a mask was visible on video. The man who resembles Antifa has not been named.

Many saw the burning of a car that had a Brazilian flag on it as “evidence that supporters of President Bolsonaro did not commit the acts.”

According to RS Noticias on Jovem Pan, Rio councilman Prof. Robert Motta accused infiltrators of planning their attacks and “using the same tactics as the Black Bloc in Rio de Janeiro.”

A video posted by businessman Matheus Gomes depicts alleged agents provocateurs brandishing bats, axes, and swords while wearing Bolsonarista-style Brazilian soccer jerseys. After being attacked and knocked over for filming them, the person doing the filming:

There are more images of imposters involved in the violence; protesters began saying as the riots continued.

People who say Jan 6 was infiltrated by false flag operatives are called wacko conspiracy theorists. Are Brazilians wacko?

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