Famous Democrat Mocks Parents

(PatriotWise.com) — A Democratic state representative had a tense email exchange with a concerned parent of four over New Hampshire’s new parental rights bill. The parent emailed state Rep. Tommy Hoyt to encourage the Democratic lawmaker to pass SB 272 without amendments. The bill was vehemently opposed by teacher’s unions and radical leftists as it would enhance parental supervision at schools in New Hampshire.

The bill would allow parents to inspect instructional materials, exempt minors from immunization requirements if their doctor was concerned about health impacts or with a religious objection, and require schools to inform parents if they were socially transitioning their child (using names or pronouns other than those which align with the child’s birth gender).

The parent wrote to Hoyt asking if he believed teachers and school staff were better equipped to parent their children, whether or not he believed most parents were abusive, and if the opposition to the bill contributed actual data to the debate or just a lot of fear-based emotional rhetoric.

Hoyt shot back that pandemic-era educational failures were the fault of the parents, calling them “incompetent teachers.” He also suggested the parent was “clearly” not a professional educator and told him to “shut up.”

The bill didn’t pass regardless, with only 5 votes short, however, New Hampshire House Speaker Sherm Packard is investigating whether or not some of the tactics used by the opposition, including a free flight back from Florida to vote in person, constitute ethics violations.

Conservative educational activist Corey DeAngelis informed folks that Hoyt is endorsed by the largest labor union in the US, and only won his seat by 18 votes in the last election cycle.

The truth is the leftist activists posing as teachers believe they know better than parents about what and how subjects like gender ideology should be taught to kids. They’ve been “educated” at the university level, after all. How could a mere parent of four with basic reason, commonsense, and the ability to provide for a large family compete with a childless twenty-something fresh out of college?

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