Fani Willis Looking For An Easy Primary Win

( — Despite facing multiple scandals, including an ongoing probe by a Senate committee, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is likely sailing to an easy re-election in November.

Early voting for the May 21 Democrat primary began on Monday, and according to recent polling, the embattled Willis is leading her Democrat primary opponent by 70 points, 79 percent to 9 percent. While she will face off against Republican Courtney Kramer in November, Willis will likely fare well in the heavily Democratic district.

Georgia Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson said Willis’ lead in the poll is likely due to her “name recognition.” Johnson said that next to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Willis is the most well-known DA in the country.

Willis certainly appears confident that she will breeze through the primary unscathed.

Over the weekend, the district attorney skipped a debate against her primary opponent, Christian Wise Smith, allowing Wise Smith to appear on stage alone without her. Willis reportedly begged off the debate to focus on Donald Trump’s racketeering and election interference cases.

Wise Smith used the opportunity to criticize Willis for hiring her boyfriend to serve as special prosecutor in the case, which he said was an important issue for voters in Fulton County and “across the country.”

While Willis’ opponent did not criticize her for bringing charges against Trump, he suggested that the district attorney should “do things differently.”

In February, the state Senate announced a probe into the allegations of misconduct involving Willis’ relationship with former special prosecutor Nathan Wade and her possible misuse of funds.

Willis revealed on Monday that she would not appear before the Senate Investigative Committee to answer questions.

While appearing at an event where local community and religious leaders endorsed her for re-election, Willis said the committee did not “have the authority to subpoena me.”

Suggesting that the senators needed “to learn the law,” Willis said she would not appear at any unlawful hearing.

Willis insisted that she did not break the law “in any way” and added that she was “sorry folks get pissed off that everybody gets treated evenly.”

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