FBI Accused Of Spying On Important Journalist

(PatriotWise.com) — The New York Times has published an article confirming that activist Jen Loh, National Director for LEXIT, is an FBI informant. LEXIT is a national group that campaigns for Latino voters to abandon the Democratic Party. The revelation came to light during the trial of five members of the group Proud Boys for their alleged role in the events on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021. Defense lawyers in the trial stated that there had been at least eight informants in the group and one of them, from Kansas City, was with the Proud Boys that went to Washington, DC, that day. The report also says that Jen Loh had taken part in prayer groups with some of the defendant’s relatives, and maintained a relationship with the defendants while they were in jail. She had also tried to elicit information from defense attorneys, but was ignored.

On March 24th, Loh took part in a CNN interview where she recounted her time as a political infiltrator. She said she had never given information about Proud Boys to the FBI but was mostly concerned with Antifa. She said her relationship with the Feds ended in light of the Jan 6th trial. When the court proceedings began, defense counsel asked that the case be dismissed in light of the undisclosed relationship but it went ahead when prosecutors successfully argued that Loh had received no funds from the FBI in exchange for information about the defendants.

While Loh maintains that she gave very little information to the FBI, and was only paid once, journalist Charles Downs said she attempted to cultivate a relationship with him. Downs said he first encountered Loh in 2022 when he planned to organize an event in Texas. A contact suggested he contact Loh, who was based in San Antonio, to help with the preparations. Downs wrote, “Ms. Loh repeatedly asked about my future tweets and writing,” and added that she was much more interested in his political opinions than in organizing any event.

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