FBI Reveals Hundreds Of More Names For January 6th Prosecution

(PatriotWise.com)- NBC News recently ran a gushing article praising the Department of Justice for all the arrests, guilty pleas, and convictions it has secured over the three-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In his report, NBC reporter Ryan J. Reilly could barely contain his delight that over 775 people have been apprehended thanks to online “citizen sleuths” who are discovering the identities of suspects and ratting them out to the FBI. In fact, they’ve arrested so many people, Reilly notes, the Justice Department has “more cases than lawyers to prosecute them.”

Of the 775 people arrested, Reilly writes, over 500 still have to go to court, so the DOJ is asking Congress for more money to handle the cases.

What’s more, the excited Reilly adds, the FBI is still arresting people.

Reilly interviewed one of the “citizen sleuths” involved with “Sedition Hunters,” the online group that is trying to identify people in FBI pictures from January 6. This “online sleuth” told Reilly, “There are hundreds still to go.”

They’re never going to let this phony “insurrection” narrative die, are they?

Although, on Wednesday, the Justice Department’s narrative took a direct hit after a federal judge acquitted one January 6 defendant.

In the bench trial against New Mexico resident Matthew Martin, US District Judge Trevor McFadden acquitted Martin on all four charges against him, acknowledging that Martin was invited into the Capitol by police officers.

Martin’s defense had argued that he could not be guilty of trespassing because he was waved through the door by US Capitol Police. This defense was confirmed during Martin’s trial when a Capital Police officer testified under oath that they did allow protesters to enter the building.

Video played during Martin’s trial showed him walking up to an entrance where two USCP officers stood at each side and getting waved inside. USCP Inspector John Erickson said in his testimony that officers understood that given the sheer number of people, they couldn’t stop them from entering, so police chose only to observe and make sure nobody got hurt.

When acquitting Martin on the charges, Judge McFadden agreed that Martin was invited into the building by the police.