FBI Takes Down “Iranian” News Websites For “Disinformation”

(PatriotWise.com)- United States government agencies, under instructions from the Biden administration, just took down Iranian state-linked news websites after accusing the websites of spreading “disinformation.”

It’s almost certainly true, but with the amount of disinformation shared by the Biden administration and the Democrats, it’s pretty ironic…

On Tuesday, a United States government official said under the condition of anonymity that there was a “far-reaching” crackdown taking place, focusing on Iranian media at a time of tension between our two countries.

IRNA, the Iranian state-run news and media agency, announced that the U.S. government seized a number of the nation’s media websites, but didn’t provide any further information.

The U.S. official said that the move hasn’t been officially announced by the feds just yet, but around three dozen websites have been taken down, most of which were connected to disinformation campaigns from Iran.

And Joe Biden thinks he can just negotiate with these people? Please…

Discussions between Western nations and Iran over the failed 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal recently came to a close, and following the election of a new Iranian president, negotiations are not expected to continue until the United States capitulates and removes all economic sanctions on the country.

President Donald Trump famously withdrew from the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” citing provisions that allowed Iran to use its own authorities to confirm that its uranium enriching and nuclear facilities were not going beyond the terms of the deal.

President Joe Biden is looking to resurrect the deal, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned in February of this year that Iran may only be weeks away from successfully building a nuclear bomb.

That was months ago…just how far along could Iran already be in developing nuclear weapons?