Federal Judge UPHOLDS Trump’s Temporary Immigration Reform To Protect American Workers

(FreedomJournal.org)- President Donald Trump’s decision to temporarily stop the entry of contract workers from outside the United States was done to protect American jobs during the worst economic depression in a century, but that hasn’t stopped the media, the politicians, and businesses campaigning to stop him doing it.

On Friday, a federal judge upheld the president’s decision to bar many foreign workers, state that it was legal. It came after a lawsuit from business groups that wanted to maintain access to cheap foreign workers during the pandemic.

It’s a huge win for American workers who are competing for work as the economy recovers. Judge Amit Mehta from the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. confirmed that the president has the authority to stop the influx of foreign workers under section 212(f) of federal laws if it will have a negative impact on the American economy.

In an 85-page decision, Judge Mehta rejected efforts by big business who want to maintain access to J-1, H-1B, and H-2B visa workers.

“The court rejects the Plaintiff’s statutory and constitutional challenges to the Proclamations…[and] the court concludes that the Plaintiffs are not likely to succeed on their challenges to the Proclamations,” Mehta wrote.

Plaintiffs argued that Trump was not being “rational” in his decision to curb the hiring of foreign workers, and produced a number of studies to prove that he was wrong. However. Judge Mehta said that the arguments from business groups that importing cheap foreign workers does not negatively impact the economy during times of high unemployment were not persuasive.

“Finally, they maintain that the exclusion of immigrant and nonimmigrant labor actually is counterproductive to the President’s stated goal of improving the economic prospects of American workers,” Mehta said. “They cite declarations from experts, economic studies, and even statements from federal agencies to make the point that the entry of aliens in fact creates jobs for American workers, and the idea that new arrivals take jobs from Americans is a fallacy. None of these arguments is ultimately persuasive.”

It’s a huge blow for big companies, particularly Big Tech in Silicon Valley, who have for years relied on cheap labor from India and various other countries.