Federally-Funded CRT Program Quietly Removes “Critical Race Theory”

(PatriotWise.com)- In 2016 the US Department of Education approved a grant for a summer research program to introduce student fellows to critical race theory. This year when the 5-year grant was renewed, the program had one notable omission: any reference to the term “critical race theory.”

Now, it isn’t because the research program discontinued critical race theory. They’re just hiding it.

Research Institute for Scholars of Equity (RISE) is no doubt shying away from the controversial term now that critical race theory has been dragged into the clear light of day, especially in light of the Senate approving an amendment in the Build Back Better bill which bans federal funding for teaching CRT in schools.

In the initial federally-funded program from RISE, the program expressly states that students will use CRT and “mixed-methods research techniques” “as a means of studying issues such as teacher quality, education policy, and race and social justice in education.”

The 2021 program now only includes the phrase “mixed-methods research techniques.”

It’s a whitewash.

RISE is still using Critical Race Theory, they’re just removing mention of the term. In a new sentence added to the 2021 program, RISE outlines that student fellows will study “the sociocultural contexts of American schooling and learn how to formulate culturally competent research questions.”

The two applications for federal funding are otherwise the same.

The RISE program is run by North Carolina Central University which has received over $2.6 million in taxpayer funding.

RISE encourages “underrepresented minority students” whom they define as “non-Asian nonwhites” to apply for the program. Student fellows receive a $6,000 stipend and up to $900 for research-related expenses.

The 2021 renewal of federal funds was over $400,000 more than the initial 2016 funding, despite the program having fewer student fellows.

The RISE page at North Carolina Central University’s website still notes that critical race theory is the core of the program.

Though the renewal of the funding was approved over the summer, the surreptitious removal of the term “critical race theory” was not discovered until late November when it was reported at The Center Square newswire.