Feds Have Opened HUNDREDS of “Domestic Terror” Investigations Since BLM Riots Started

(FreedomJournal.org)- Ever since federal agents were sent in to tackle the violence called by extremist Black Lives Matter riots, hundreds of domestic terror investigations have been initiated. It’s good news for America in the sense that the authorities are taking Antifa and BLM seriously, but it’s bad news in that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

At a hearing on Tuesday, officials from the Justice Department told Senator Ted Cruz and other lawmakers that roughly 300 domestic terror cases are ongoing and have been initiated as a direct result of the far-left riots that have occurred in recent months.

Senator Cruz is the chair of a Congressional inquiry into how Antifa and other far-left anarchist groups are responsible for organizing riots and arming protesters at these events in cities all over the United States. Some of the worst-hit cities include Seattle and Portland.

You might remember that Seattle was home to the short-lived “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” that Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed take place. It was an occupied protest that saw six blocks of the city occupied by far-left protesters. After someone was shot dead and police officers were stopped from doing their job – and Mayor Jenny Durkan’s house was targeted – the local Democratic government reversed course and ordered the protest be shut down.

The U.S. Attorney at the helm of Attorney General William Barr’s inquiry into the riots, Erin Nealy Cox, told the inquiry that the feds have “opened hundreds of federal criminal investigations surrounding the violence and rioting since May 28.”

“They have since May 28 opened over 300 domestic terrorist organizations,” Cox explained. “That does not include any potential civil rights investigations or violent crime associated with the riots.

The inquiry is focused on how the initial protests that were held in response to the death of George Floyd, who died during an arrest in Minneapolis, have been hijacked by far-left radicals.

Journalist and editor of The Post Millennial, Andy Ngo, also gave testimony during the hearing in which he described how Antifa has gotten violence during protests down to an “art form.”