Feds Order ARREST After “Letters” Were Found On A Bullhorn…

(PatriotWise.com)- Over the weekend, 31 members of an alleged white supremacist group, Patriot Front, were arrested in Idaho on their way to a protest. They were pulled over while in the back of a Uhaul which was reportedly filled with shields.

Law enforcement admitted they knew about the planned protest because they had an informant within the group. Onlookers were talking to a police officer, asking him the initial reason for the stop. He said that they knew the Uhaul contained shields and spinners. When asked how they knew, he said with a grin that they had an informant.

The Patriot Front was on their way to a “christofascist” event which was alongside a gay pride event, according to a self-described independent journalist. She says that cops found body padding and one smoke grenade in the truck.

In another tweet from a thread on the event, she claims that this “far right mobilization against queer people at Pride events is a direct response to transphobic and queerphobic fearmongering pushed by far right pundits and outlets such as The Daily Wire and LibsOfTikTok — all of which is inspired by Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.”

She ends the thread telling us not to trust cops.

A photograph taken by a self-described “Syrian journalist” covering “right-wing violence,” shows the arrest of one member of Patriot Front carrying a megaphone with “FBI” written on it. While unclear, it appears the sticker reads “Abolish FBI.”

The journalist interrupted her reporting with a “timeline cleanse/mental health break,” showing pictures of dogs and a video of a drag queen singing, commenting that no Nazis will ruin love and joy.

Isn’t it satisfying to see independent journalism at work?