Flanked by nuclear missile, North Korean leader says U.S., South Korea threaten peace

(PatriotWise.com)- Reuters reported this week how North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un once again came out of hiding to discuss his nation’s weapons development program. Standing beside the largest missiles his isolationist communist nation currently produces, in a clear attempt to exude strength, Kim insisted that his nation needs to continue developing weapons to protect itself against the “hostile” policies of the West.

Speaking to a defense exhibition on Monday, Kim said that he was only instructing his military to increase weapons production as a matter of defense and not to start a war with the rest of the world.

And when he says that standing next to literal intercontinental ballistic missiles, including the Hwasong-16 missile which can deliver nuclear bombs across thousands of miles, it’s clear that Kim wants the United States to know that he’s willing to fight back.

Photographs were published by state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

Kim insisted that he is “not discussing war with anyone” but that he wanted to “increase war deterrence for the protection of national sovereignty.”

Not the protection of his people, mind. The protection of national sovereignty – ie, him.

As the nation’s dictator, Kim has an extraordinary amount of power in his country. Without intercontinental ballistic missiles to back him up, Western forces might actually have a reasonable shot at getting rid of him and liberating the people who suffer under his control.

State television footage shows Kim looking significantly slimmer and healthier than he has in recent years, smiling and applauding as shirtless North Korean soldiers picked up bricks and smashed them against other peoples’ chests.

Yes, we’re not kidding.

The half-naked soldiers also broke chains using their bodies. Just in case it wasn’t clear that North Korea was trying to show off its strength.

So far, it looks as though President Joe Biden is still committed to the idea of the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but insisted in a statement from a State Department spokesperson that there is “no hostile intent” towards North Korea.