Florida Reports Lowest Daily COVID Cases in the Nation

(PatriotWise.com)- This may be a shock to those who only watch CNN or MSNBC, but thanks to the efforts of Governor Ron “DeathSantis,” Florida continues to report the lowest daily coronavirus cases per capita in the country.

Blue states are showing surges in cases despite the onerous COVID restrictions and lockdowns. And Florida, which has resisted the COVID Panic of Democrat-run states, continues to see its case numbers drop.

It was reported last Friday that for the month of November, Florida’s total new infections was the lowest monthly total in 18 months. The Sunshine State reported a total of 42,879 confirmed cases in November – the lowest monthly caseload for the state since May 2020. The total reported COVID-related deaths in November was 2,042. That was the lowest monthly total since the summer spike fueled by the Delta variant.

And as Democrat-run states kick up the panic all over again, this time over the far milder Omicron variant, Governor DeSantis is doubling down on keeping Florida open. In a press conference last Monday, DeSantis again reiterated that Florida would not lock down businesses or close schools in response to Omicron:

Unlike Democrat governors who are doing the same wrong things over and over again expecting different results, Ron DeSantis is continuing to do the right things expecting the same positive results.

During a press event at the National Institutes of Health last week, President Biden outlined his administration’s “winter strategy” for COVID, including stricter testing requirements for international travelers as well as an extension on the mask mandate for air travel.

And while the White House, the press, and Democrat governors ramp up panic over Omicron, the South African doctors treating the first confirmed cases say the variant could be evidence that COVID-19 is coming to an end.

According to Bloomberg News, the CEO of South Africa’s largest healthcare network said while Omicron is highly contagious, it does not cause severe illness, instead only presenting mild to moderate symptoms. Richard Friedland of Netcare Ltd told Bloomberg that Omicron may be a “silver lining” that signals the end of the COVID pandemic.

One of the South African doctors treating Omicron patients told Bloomberg that none of the patients are “even close to being seriously ill.”