Foreign Intel Says Multicultural Societies Are “Doomed”

( Diversity is not our strength, is it?

Former French intelligence officer Pierre Brochand predicts that civil war might erupt unless Europe and France drastically alter their immigration policy.

Multi-culturalism has sent societies on a collision course with itself.

Brochand believes that all multicultural societies are unable to get past their deep divides. It’s in the term – “multi-cultural.”
In such a situation, Brochand warned, minorities are violent winners, and majorities placid losers.
France is French. Immigrants are not French. If France is unwilling to compel migrants to embrace “Frenchness,” France is no more. It’s something other.
Because it is increasingly difficult to prevent the French from seeing what they see, the negative impact of mass immigration on France can no longer be dismissed. There is a storm on the horizon.
Brochand warns, If Emmanuel Macron wins the presidential election and does not drastically change his approach to immigration, civil war is a strong possibility. A spirit of post-colonial retribution has evolved among Muslim migrants and those from outside Europe. The tension is palpable.
He also warned that the significantly higher birth rate of the migrant community, as well as the fact that younger generations born to immigrants are even less willing to integrate with French culture than their parents, imperils what has made France French.
Brochand says the only way out is namely “remigration.” That is a kinder way of saying “throw them out.” Of course, one could incentivize millions of migrants to return to their home countries. You can pay them to get out.
The former French intelligence officer fears it may be too late. France is not dealing with small pockets of individuals here and there searching for a better future. They are now diasporas.
A diaspora is a collection of immigrants whose numbers become so large that they begin to exact enough social pressure that it challenges the former beliefs of the nationals. The groups of communities are so impactful that they can turn their backs on their host nation and its tradition.
According to a Harris survey conducted last year, most French citizens are fearful that European, white, and Christian populations are threatened with extinction. They feel as if the Muslims are taking over.
Despite this, Emmanuel Macron is poised to win re-election to a second term as president later this month.
Is there a word for this behavior?