Foreign Intel Stopped Helping FBI Over Trump Witch Hunt

( — British Intelligence services were so skeptical about the FBI probe into President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia that they stopped helping with the investigation. The Durham Report, released in mid-May, revealed that the FBI had launched the inquiry with no prior evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. The report said the federal agency had not acted in the interests of justice. The FBI responded saying it had made corrections to ensure the situation would not recur.

The British, however, were concerned about the inquiry from the start. The Durham report details discussions held in London where UK officials expressed trepidation about the flimsiness of the “evidence.” They eventually refused to cooperate any further.

Retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock later said, “The FBI essentially was hijacked by a handful of senior executives who had an agenda, who did not like Donald Trump, and who used the awesome powers of the FBI to launch an investigation.”

The report came at a time when the federal agency is under fire due to various allegations of corruption and “weaponization.”

Last year, when Elon Musk took over Twitter, he released files showing that the FBI paid for the censorship of stories that could harm the Biden Presidential campaign – including the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Recently, records have emerged describing FBI perceptions of devout Catholics as “extremists” with white nationalist links. Republican Jim Jordan, chair of the GOP’s weaponization committee, said the federal agency used undercover spies to report back on the activities of legitimate and lawful Catholic churches and organizations.

Agents have turned up on the doorstep of anti-abortion campaigners too. Ashley Roberts and Kathleen Brown, FBI agents in Virginia, knocked on the door of pro-life activist Elise Kitch. She was not home, and the agents never contacted her again. Kitch firmly believes the home visit was an attempt to intimidate her and silence the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising group she campaigns with.

Between 2019 and 2021, public trust in the FBI fell from 57% to 44%.

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