Foreign Spies Likely At MAGA Mob, GOP Staffer Warns

(PatriotWise)- If you thought that the violence at the pro-Trump rally on Capitol Hill on January 6 seemed out of character for conservatives, then your instincts were probably right. According to a top Republican staffer who served on the House Armed Services Committee, “foreign intelligence services” were likely on the ground during the riots which saw five people killed.

Jason Schmid, who resigned from his role in a letter blasting Republican leaders for “putting political theatre ahead of the defense of the Constitution and the Republic,” claimed that foreign spies are capitalizing on the crisis and may have even played a part in the storming of the Capitol Building.

“Foreign intelligence services were likely on the scene and will certainly capitalize on the crisis it has caused – our people will pay a steep price,” he said in the letter.

Politico obtained the full letter in which he blasted members of Congress, and while he revealed interesting information about spies potentially attending the violent mob on Capitol Hill, he went hard against pro-Trump politicians who opposed the Electoral College vote.

The truth, however, is that politicians have long objected to Electoral College votes – particularly when there are irregularities. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi objected to Ohio’s electoral votes on 2004, and Democrats also did the same thing in the 2000 election and even the 2016 election.

But when Republicans do it, it’s inciting an insurrection, right?

“Regardless of the motivations behind the vote, these members bear the consequences that the men and women in harm’s way will face for many years to come,” Schmid said.

“I cannot imagine any series of events more damaging to the already fragile US led post-World War II order that has brought more peace and prosperity to the world than at any other time in history,” he added.”

“Congressional enables of this mob have made future foreign conflict more likely, not less.”

What do you think…does it sound like spies were benefitting or even in attendance at the Capitol Hill mob?