Four Charged in Super Bowl Parade Shooting

( — Prosecutors in Kansas City have charged two men with second-degree murder in connection with the deadly shooting at the victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs that left one dead and more than 20 injured, CBS News reported.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said in a Tuesday press conference that Dominic Miller and Lyndell Mays, who were among the injured in the February 14 shootout, had both been charged with second-degree murder as well as other offenses for their roles in the melee that erupted after a group of men got into a heated argument during the parade.

According to Baker, Mays, who was one of the individuals involved in the argument, set off the chain of events when he pulled a firearm. This prompted several others, including Dominic Miller, to also draw their weapons.

Based on the evidence collected, Baker said it was Miller who fired the shot that killed local DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, 43, a mother of two.

Mays, who was one of the 22 people wounded in the shootout, told investigators that he only pulled his gun after one of the men he argued with verbally threatened him, according to court documents.

Surveillance footage from the shooting showed Dominic Miller watching the argument between Mays and the group of men. When Mays pulled his gun, Miller drew his as well. He chased after one of the men and opened fire, hitting Lopez-Galvan, according to a probable cause statement.

Miller, who was also injured in the shootout that followed, fled the scene. He later told police while at the hospital that he only shot in self-defense after he had been shot.

Mays was arrested and charged on Saturday, while Miller was charged on Monday. Both men are each being held on a $1 million bond.

The charges against Miller and Mays come just days after two juveniles were arrested for resisting arrest and gun-related charges in connection to the February 14 incident.

The Jackson County prosecutor said in a February 16 statement that the juveniles’ cases would be handled by a separate office.

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