Fox News Dead Last in Calling Election For Youngkin

( A lot of the same people who were super angry with Fox News after it called Arizona just minutes after the polls closed in 2020 are now super angry with Fox News for being the last news outlet to call Tuesday’s Virginia race for Glenn Youngkin.

You just can’t win with some people.

Except for Decision Desk who called the Governor’s Race before 9:00 pm, every news outlet – ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associated Press, CNN, Politico, the New York Times, and Fox News – all declared Youngkin the winner within a fourteen-minute timespan.

So while it’s true that Fox News was last, it called the race just fourteen minutes after NBC News first called it at 12:29 am on Wednesday.

It isn’t as if Fox News waited hours.

It didn’t even wait a half hour.

But when it comes to elections, some folks are just touchy.

Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers sent a huffy tweet just two minutes before Fox News called the race complaining that they still hadn’t called the race. It’s almost as if Wendy wanted a reason to complain.

Yes, it was clear earlier in the evening that Youngkin had the race in the bag. This is why Decision Desk felt confident to call it at 8:37 pm while the rest of the news media remained uncommitted.

Perhaps the reason Fox News, stung by what happened with Arizona in 2020, delayed its call by a few minutes out of an overabundance of caution. Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley tweeted just before midnight that Fox was afraid to make the call “and it shows.” Of course, at the time he tweeted that, none of the other outlets had called the race either.

Maybe don’t worry about when a race is called. It isn’t as if calling the race fourteen minutes after the first outlet does will make a difference in the outcome. Unless every outlet calls it at precisely the same time, one of them will be first and one of them will be last. It just so happens that this time around, Fox News was the one who was last.