Fox News Is Accused Of Intentionally Trying To Get Law Enforcement Hurt

( The oafish host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week accused Republican lawmakers and hosts on Fox News of “deliberately” trying to incite violence against IRS agents.

Joe Scarborough and his guest Willie Geist were discussing the outrage over the provision in the laughing named Inflation Reduction Act to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

Geist attacked the critics of the move who have said the additional agents will be targeting the middle class, accusing them of “laying the groundwork” for “violence.”

Naturally, the dope Scarborough agreed, claiming he heard Republicans talking about the possibility of civil war. He said people he knows have been texting him about “replacing the US government” or “civil war.”

Sure, that sounds totally plausible.

He claimed people are saying things like IRS agents are coming to your door with AR-15s or the FBI is going to raid your house and confiscate your guns. Then Scarborough accused Senator Chuck Grassley, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and “top news hosts at Fox News” of making these comments.

Calling it “mainstream, pro-Trump rhetoric,” Scarborough accused them of “deliberately trying to get Americans” to harm IRS agents.

It’s almost as if Joe Scarborough has forgotten all about the MSNBC viewer who got so ginned up about Republicans killing Obamacare that he went to a baseball practice field in June 2017 to murder a bunch of them.

Watch HERE.