Fox News Is Hiding This Story, According To Researchers

( According to the investigator who worked with True the Vote to uncover ballot harvesting “mules,” lawyers for the Fox News Channel are keeping the cable network from promoting Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary “2000 Mules.”

Election intelligence investigator Gregg Phillips made the allegation during Saturday night’s virtual premiere of the film.

Watch HERE.

D’Souza’s documentary delves into the results of a multi-year investigation conducted by the election integrity group, True The Vote.

Using 4 million minutes of ballot drop-box surveillance footage as well as cell phone GPS geo-tracking data, True The Vote was able to identify and track hundreds of “mules” who made multiple trips to drop boxes around their states to dump in stacks of mail-in ballots.

In Atlanta, True the Vote identified 242 “mules” that, on average, were dumping ballots in 24 different drop boxes. But that pales in comparison to Philadelphia where True The Vote was able to identify over 1,100 “mules.”

On Monday, Dinesh D’Souza tweeted that Newsmax is also preventing coverage of the film, claiming his scheduled appearance on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show was canceled.

Newsmax responded to the claim, arguing that “2000 Mules” is running ads on Newsmax.

According to the video service Rumble, D’Souza’s documentary grossed over $1 million on Locals and Rumble in less than twelve hours.

The film launched Saturday via streaming on Rumble and its subscription-based platform Locals. Sales for the launch began at noon on Saturday and raked in enough money to place “2000 Mules” on par with the top ten box office releases for last weekend.

So maybe the film doesn’t need Fox News to attract an audience.