Fox News Says They’re Praying For Miracle After Building Collapse In Florida

( On Friday, the daughter of a woman who went missing following the collapse of a condo building in Miami Beach, Florida, said that they were praying and hoping for a “miracle.”

Speaking to Martha MacCallum on Fox News, teary-eyed Rachel Spiegel said that the situation was very concerning and that they were completely heartbroken.

As the interview was taking place, Miami Beach was experiencing heavy rain, making it difficult for recovery workers to take apart the rubble and continue their search for people trapped underneath. At the time, some 159 people were documented as missing and four people had died, and it was unknown just how many of those missing were likely to be dead.

The thunder could be heard during the interview, but rescue workers continued their operations, with many brave people on top of what was left of the building, examining the rubble to find pockets where people may still be alive and inside.

The total number of people who have sadly died as a result of the collapse reached nine on Sunday, and 156 were still missing. The new bodies were discovered alongside “additional human remains” in the search-and-rescue efforts.

Mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, said that the local authorities are making “every effort” to identify those who have been uncovered in the wreckage.

The names of three additional victims were announced on Saturday night. They included Manuel LaFont, who was 54, Gladys Lozano, who was 79, and Anthony Lozano, who was 83. On Friday, Stacie Fang, who was 54, was discovered dead.

During her Fox News interview, Spiegel added that she had spent time in the apartment over the weekend and that her mother was expected to go to New York shortly after the building collapsed.

You can watch the clip here.