Fox News Star Eric Bolling To Have New Show On Newsmax

( Eric Bolling, the conservative political news commentator and anchor who previously worked for Fox News, has officially joined Newsmax. It comes as the fledgling right-leaning news outlet begins to compete on the national stage against big networks like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC.

Newsmax announced on July 27 that Bolling will host “Eric Bolling The Balance,” which aired on Wednesday and will air every weekday afterwards between 4pm and 5pm ET. The show will instantly be made available to more than 100 million homes in America that are signed up for Newsmax TV through streaming platforms and traditional cable.

The network described the new show as a “show for everyday Americans” that will cover the issues that “truly matter.”

You can expect that it will also cover former President Donald Trump’s efforts to establish election integrity in the United States – something that Fox News so regularly fails to even mention.

Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, said that Bolling is trusted by viewers and known as “one of the most tenacious guys in TV news.” He added that insiders know he is a “true veteran” who is driven to “follow the facts and deliver the news.”

Hey CNN, are you listening? News. Not left-wing commentary.

“The Balance” is set to help viewers “make sense” of the day’s biggest headlines whether they relate to Washington, D.C. politics, Wall Street, or other events occurring across the rest of the world. In the press release, Newsmax also said that Bolling will focus on the stories in a way that describes how they will affect the “people on Main Street.”

A-List guests are expected to appear on the show along with exclusive reports.

As a key Trump ally, you can certainly expect Bolling to cover the former president’s extensive efforts to ensure election integrity and fight left-wing extremism.