Fox News Star Storms Out Of Restaurant After Vaccine Card Requested

( During a segment discussing how New York City inspectors will be enforcing the city’s indoor vaccine mandate, Fox News host Bill Hemmer recounted to Dana Perino his experience from a few weeks earlier when he stopped into a restaurant and presented his proof of vaccination.

He told the restaurant employee that he didn’t have his vaccine card with him, but he had downloaded the smart phone app showing his proof of vaccination. Rather than clear him through, the restaurant asked to see something with his name on it. Hemmer showed them his American Express and Visa cards, and it still wasn’t enough to clear him. Not satisfied with that, the restaurant asked to see his photo ID.

Exasperated by the hoops, Hemmer said he turned around and walked out, jokingly adding “You guys can have it. Good luck.” Hemmer then pointed out that the restaurant was empty at the time of his visit.

No doubt a lot of New Yorkers will respond in similar ways – meaning NYC businesses, already hurting from the incessant lockdowns, will have a tougher time recovering.

But New York’s vaccine mandates aren’t just causing potential economic harm for restaurants or retail businesses. Vaccine mandates are also causing an exodus of healthcare workers.

An Upstate New York hospital announced last weekend that due to losing maternity ward staff over vaccine requirements, expectant mothers will have to go somewhere else to have their babies.

Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville, New York, has temporarily stopped delivering babies after six maternity ward employees resigned their positions rather than comply with the COVID vaccine mandate. Another seven staffers remain undecided about getting the shots.

The county health system’s CEO, Gerald Cayer said last Friday that the hospital will pause the service while it focuses on recruiting nurses who are already vaccinated. Once they have replaced the ones who left, Cayer said they would be able to “reengage in delivering babies in Lewis County.”

Currently 27 percent (or 164 employees) of Lewis County General Hospital staff remain unvaccinated. This despite New York State’s order that all healthcare workers in the state get their first COVID shot by September 27 or face termination.

According to Cayer, immediately after former Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this new mandate in August, thirty hospital workers resigned.