Fox News Surges In Ratings Again As It Continues To Shatter Records Years In The Making

( During the second quarter of 2022, Fox News continued its winning streak over its competitors. For the 82nd consecutive quarter, Fox was the most-watched cable news network.

But that’s not all. Fox News was also the most-watched network on cable television overall during the second quarter of 2022.

Fox’s top show, “The Five” became the first non-primetime program to win three consecutive quarters as the most-watched show on cable television.

In the second quarter of 2022, the Fox News Channel boasted 96 of the top 100 most-watched programs. The top five programs for the second quarter were “The Five,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity,” “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and “Special Report.”

Meanwhile, CNN landed in sixth place in overall cable programming.

Fox’s total average viewership for the second quarter increased by 21 percent to 1.45 million.

MSNBC’s total average viewership dropped by 20 percent to only 684,000 viewers.

CNN dropped 21 percent during the second quarter to a measly 521,000 total average viewers.

In the coveted advertiser demographic of 25-54 age, Fox’s viewership increased by 11 percent during the second quarter. CNN’s average viewership in the demo dropped by 31 percent while MSNBC’s average plummeted by 34 percent, despite getting a boost in June from airing the January 6 committee hearings.

Speaking of the committee hearings, as the go-to channel for the anti-Trump Resistance, MSNBC was the big winner, blowing out its competition during every televised hearing. MSNBC drew over an average of about 3 million viewers for each hearing.

According to Nielsen MRI Fusion Research, Fox’s “The Five” was the number one cable news show among Independents and Democrats. During the month of April, more Democrats tuned in to “The Five” than were tuning in to see MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Among Democrats, “The Five” was number one with 801,000 viewers. Maddow came in second with 788,000 Democrat viewers. Rounding out the top five shows for Democrats were “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity,” and “Jesse Watters Primetime.”