Fox News To Require Vaccinations To Work At Fox news HQ

( Fox News sent an internal memo to its staff this week that said all employees who work in the New York City offices must have at least their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by December 27 if they want to continue working in-person at Fox News’ headquarters.

Jeremy Barr, a reported for The Washington Post, recently wrote that the memo said:

“All workers in NYC who perform in-person work at an office location, including Fox employees, must show proof of receiving at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine [by December 27].”

Employees who work for Fox News and report to the New York City office can no longer opt to take weekly COVID-19 tests in lieu of getting a vaccine.

Fox News’ memo places the blame for this new change in policy on Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, who implemented a vaccine mandate for the entire city. In early December, the mayor passed a new rule that requires all people who work in even the private sector in the city have at least the first dose of a vaccine by December 27.

The memo reads:

“The timing and ramifications of this mandate are very unfortunate, but we must take timely actions to be compliant by 12/27. This mandate by the Mayor prohibits unvaccinated employees from working at Fox New York offices as of 12/27.”

Fox News hasn’t implemented a company-wide vaccine mandate. Only employees who work in the New York City headquarters will be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they want to continue working in-person, and that’s because of the mayor’s mandate for the entire private sector.

What Fox Corp. has done is put a policy in place that allows employees who are vaccinated to have certain additional freedoms in the workplace. Employees who do get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to qualify for the “FOX Clear Pass,” which is a kind of vaccine passport.

Those who have this pass will all them to report to all offices without any restrictions. Those who aren’t vaccine have different rules they must follow. According to the company’s policy:

“Unvaccinated employees must continue to comply with all of FOX’s COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines, including social distancing and mask-wearing at work unless an exception applies (e.g., they are alone in an office).

As for New York City’s mandate, de Blasio said the goal wasn’t to penalize people, but “simply to make this work.”

The city’s vaccine mandate applies to all businesses, either in the private or public sector. Employers are required to keep a record of the proof each worker provides to them, and they should prepare to undergo inspections as well, the mayor’s office said.

People who work alone, either at their home or in an office by themselves, are not required to follow the mandate. There are also religious and medical exemptions available to people who don’t want to get vaccinated.