“Friends” Censored By Communist China

(PatriotWise.com)- We reported recently how the legendary film “Fight Club” was edited for the Chinese audience, with the ending of the film clipped and text revealing on-screen that the authorities discovered the criminals and arrested them all.

And now, it’s happening to Friends.

The popular 90s sitcom has been edited to comply with the Chinese Communist Party’s rules on what can and cannot be broadcast online and on television, meaning that Friends no longer makes any reference to character Ross’s ex-wife Carol who became a lesbian.

In the show, Carol leaves Ross and starts a relationship with a woman too – but the Chinese version of the show has been cleverly edited to avoid this scenario entirely. Editors rely heavily on Chinese subtitles, which simply display different speech.

In one episode, for example, Joey recommends that Ross should go to a strip club to make himself feel better about his wife leaving him for a woman. But in the Chinese subtitles, Joey simply tells Ross that he needs to “go out and have fun.”

In another episode, a reference to women having “multiple orgasms” is changed to women engaging in “endless gossip.”

If China can do it, then what’s stopping Democrats?

Many episodes of classic shows in the United States have been completely removed from streaming services already…so how long might it be before these old shows start getting edited, too?