Gavin Newsom Nowhere To Be Seen After Taking Vaccine

( Far-left California Governor Gavin Newsom disappeared recently for over a week, only to then appear at the wedding of an oil heiress.

The governor, who recently won a recall election by the skin of his teeth over his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state, stopped performing official duties and abruptly appeared to take a vacation, before being spotted in the photographs of an oil heiress’s wedding in San Francisco that was also attended by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It was the first time Newsom had been seen in public after he abruptly canceled his planned trip to the COP26 climate summit that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 29. He claimed that he had to cancel the trip because of “family obligations”

Those obligations were the wedding ceremony of Ivy Love Getty.

Getty is the great-granddaughter of J. Paul Getty, and is the heiress to the oil fortune. She married in City Hall to Tobias Alexander Engel.

Fashion magazine Vogue reported that guests were asked to wear masks before far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked into the room and them took her position at a microphone. Soon after, guests were then taken away to the Getty Mansion to celebrate.

Daniel Lopez, a press secretary for Governor Newsom, said that the governor chose to work at the state Capitol last week, out of the public eye, and would start making normal appearances again some time the following week.

He is expected to take part in a “fireside chat” at the 2021 California Economic Summit sponsored by California Forward.

So he wouldn’t go to a conference about the “climate emergency” Democrats are so concerned about, but he could go to the wedding of a wealthy oil heiress?