George Soros Group Goes After Steve Bannon, Names Him As Target

( Last week the leftwing Media Matters named podcaster Steve Bannon the “Misinformer of the Year.” And the most hilarious part is Media Matters’ CEO and President Angelo Carusone announced this auspicious award on that famous hub of misinformation: MSNBC.

MSNBC, the cable news network that spent the last five years peddling misinformation about Russian collusion and the previous year promoting the lie that January 6 was an “Insurrection” to “overthrow our democracy.”

Ironic that Media Matters would announce Bannon’s title on a network that permits Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow to burp out one conspiracy theory after another.

What troubles Media Matters the most about Steven Bannon is, despite their tireless efforts to help get him banned for every platform under the sun, Bannon still has a large platform.

It isn’t what Bannon says that bothers Media Matters; it’s that Bannon is allowed to say anything at all.

In its histrionic article naming Bannon the “misinformer of the year,” Media Matters points out all the platforms that have successfully silenced Bannon – from Twitter to Spotify to a bunch of other random platforms.

“But to this day,” Media Matters moans, “Bannon still has a massive reach.”

Probably a reach more massive than Media Matters.

Bannon’s War Room podcast, Media Matters grumpily reports, has been downloaded more than 100 million times over 1,000 episodes. After all Media Matters has done to demonize Bannon, his podcast still ranks highly on Apple, Google, and iHeartRadio and that makes them all manner of angry.

Plus there’s Rumble which is immune to Media Matters’ histrionics.

What truly bugs Media Matters is that right-leaning platforms exist. It isn’t a media watchdog group, it is a left-wing advocacy group that wants the Left to have a monopoly on all forms of media.

All you have to do is follow the money. Media Matters is funded in large part by the far-Left Tides Foundation. Even George Soros’ Open Society Institute kicks in some cash. As does the Ford Foundation and the Sandler Foundation.

Media Matters’ true purpose in naming Bannon the “misinformer of the year” is to once again give themselves a reason to pressure Big Tech and advertisers to shut Bannon’s podcast down.