Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Had Prince Andrew As A Secret Lover, Allegations Suggest

( In a new ITV documentary that absolutely nobody was clamoring for, a gossipy former royal protection officer along with some “friends” claimed Ghislaine Maxwell was constantly in and out of Buckingham Palace therefore she must have been dating Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew needs to find himself a better set of friends because the ones he has have zero problems gossiping about him like a bunch of catty high school girls.

Blabbermouth former protection officer Paul Page said in this new documentary, “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile,” that in 2021, Ghislaine Maxwell became a regular visitor at the palace. He said from the way she was allowed access he suspected that she might have been involved in an intimate relationship with the Duke of York.

The gossipy Page then shared secondhand gossip he heard from a colleague of his who claimed that Maxwell came to the palace four times in one day.

But Page wasn’t the only clucking hen whose speculative tidbits ended up in this gossip-umentary.

A friend of Maxwell’s, banker Euan Rellie, shared with the filmmakers that he had the sense Prince Andrew and Maxwell had at some time been involved because they had an “easy warmth” with each other.

One time, Rellie gossiped, he attended a dinner party Maxwell hosted at Epstein’s New York home that Maxwell said was for her “friend Prince Andrew.”

But what really sealed it for Rellie was Maxwell telling him Prince Andrew was her friend, not Epstein’s.

Busted! Only people in intimate relationships call the other person a friend!

Good grief. What a joke.

The documentary also includes ITV reporter Ranvir Singh calling a phone number found in Epstein and Maxwell’s notorious “little black book.” When the voicemail recording is heard, she declares the voice might be Prince Andrew’s.

Singh then leaves a message saying she found the number in the notorious book and wanted to have a chat.

Wow. This is some really important and hard-hitting stuff, isn’t it?

In addition to gossiping like a mean girl about the Duke’s possible love life, former protection officer Page also dished the dirt on the stuffed toys Prince Andrew kept on his bed at the palace.

Are you beginning to understand why this guy is a “former” protection officer?