Ghislaine Maxwell Said Prince Andrew Photo Looked “Real” Despite His Claims

( Britain’s Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, recently settled a civil lawsuit filed against him by Virginia Giuffre, one of the most high-profile victims of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. His decision to settle for a rumored $14 million may have been prompted by an email sent by Ghislaine Maxwell, the jailed former partner of Epstein, in which she claimed that the famous photograph of Andrew and Virginia “looks real.”

In the photograph, Maxwell can be seen smiling in the background while Prince Andrew stands with his arm around Giuffre’s waist. The photograph has long been used as evidence to suggest that Giuffre’s claim that Andrew sexually abused her was real, however, the existence of the photograph – assuming it’s real – only proves that the pair have met.

Prince Andrew claims that the photograph was not authentic and had been digitally manipulated, and told the press that he does not have any recollection of ever meeting Giuffre. Sources close to The Daily Beast also said, however, that the original copy of the photograph was lost many years ago and nobody knows where it is.

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, however, an email from Maxwell to lawyer Alan Dershowitz suggests that she believes the photograph is authentic.

In January, 2015, Dershowitz emailed Maxwell and asked her if she knows whether the photograph is real, pointing to the fact that she appears in the background.

“It looks real. I think it is,” she responded, only minutes later.

The Daily Mail obtained a number of other leaked emails, too, including one from Prince Andrew himself in which he asked Maxwell to talk.

“Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts,” he said.

“Have some info. Call me when you have a moment,” she responded.

Nobody truly knows whether the photograph is authentic or the accusations made against Prince Andrew are real, but you can bet the stories like this will keep on coming for years to come.