Ghislaine Maxwell UPDATE – We Have New Data

Investigator Releases New Book About Ghislaine Maxwell

( – Someone has written a book about Ghislaine Maxwell, so naturally, the UK tabloid press is excited.

A writer from the UK Guardian, Andrew Anthony, published a review of “Hunting Ghislaine” by Observer reporter John Sweeney.

Sweeney’s book is titled after his podcast for which he researched the life of Ghislaine Maxwell, and much of the contents of his book stem from that research.

In his review, Anthony aptly asks, at this point, is anything about Ghislaine Maxwell’s life that hasn’t been thoroughly reported on over the last few years.

Maxwell, along with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, has been the subject of countless documentaries, podcasts, and media reports. On top of that, Anthony notes, there are already six books about her.

Andrew Anthony has a point. By now, aren’t most people pretty much over Ghislaine Maxwell?

The woman is serving 20 years in federal prison. It isn’t as if she’s out there making a nuisance of herself.

But since Andrew Anthony is a former colleague of John Sweeney, he believes Sweeney’s book is “more compelling than most.”

Sweeney breaks the book into three sections: Ghislaine’s childhood, her move to the United States where she meets up with Epstein, and a final section covering her trial.

According to Anthony, it is the final section covering Maxwell’s trial that is the strongest since Sweeney was there in the courtroom at the time and could “carefully” watch how Maxwell reacted to the evidence and testimony.

Anthony concludes that Sweeney’s thesis is that Ghislaine’s father and Jeffrey Epstein were both “monsters” and “in her desire to please these two demanding men,” Ghislaine “lost sight of all other meaningful considerations,” including the wellbeing of the woman she “lured into Epstein’s corrupting company.”

In his book, Sweeney describes Ghislaine Maxwell as “the double victim of monsters” and “a monster in her own right.”

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